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Walnut Lemon Pesto

3 Jars

Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Made In Italy
Mineral Rich
Small Batch
Walnut Lemon Pesto - 3 Jars$40.35
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A Handcrafted
Pesto From Italy

Made By The Hands Of Italian Culinary ArtisansWe took one of our favorite nuts, mixed it with organic Italian lemons for zesty aromas, oat milk, and extra virgin olive oil - and the result is incredible.
WalnutsWalnuts are also known as a "super-nut" for their remarkable nutritional profile. They are especially rich in healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Walnuts thrive in the climate of Northern Italy and are a big part of the Mediterranean diet - known as the healthiest diet in the world.
Gluten Free
No Artificial Ingredients

A nuttier pesto probably doesn’t exist. Its creamy and crunchy texture and the zesty lemon notes are so unique.

Heart HealthOmega-3 Fatty Acids have proven to lower your cholesterol levels in your blood.
Brain HealthOmega-3 Fatty Acids increase cognitive functions and blood flow to the brain.
LongevityVitamin E has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces oxidative stress.
Made In ParmaThis parma-sourced pesto combines nuts, zesty Italian lemons, oat milk, and olive oil for a distinctive, creamy texture and rich flavor.