The Home of the Natural and Organic

Welcome to Cafe Smood, where we've crafted a haven for health-conscious individuals seeking a sanctuary of quality, nutrition, and creativity. Our space exudes warmth, inviting you to unwind and savor every moment. With a dedication to sourcing from committed farmers, collaborating with renowned chefs, and working with nutritional experts, our menu is meticulously designed to elevate your well-being. At Cafe Smood, every dish is a testament to our commitment to nourishing both body and soul, ensuring that each visit leaves you satisfied and inspired.

Wednesday-Friday 8:00am-8:00pm
Saturday-Tuesday 8:00am-6:00pm
2230 NW 2nd Ave,
Miami, FL, 33127

This is a lot more than your typical neighborhood cafe. Here no one has to sacrifice leisure for health.


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We're not only interested in the most nutritious ingredients but also in where they come from. The story behind our menu is curated to support both local farmers and external small businesses.