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Prebiotic Nutrition Bars

Prebiotic Nutrition Bars

A Smarter Way To Snack

What is Smart Food?We define it as clean, nutritious & delicious food that has been formulated with a purpose.
Conscious SourcingSourced from committed farmers for optimal nutrition, quality and sustainability.
Bioavailable NutritionEssential nutrition in its cleanest food bound form for optimal absorption.
Delicious FormulationFormulated by award-winning chefs for memorable palatable experiences.
Gluten Free
No Artificial Ingredients
Smart Foods

Smart Foods

Curb cravings and improve gut health with fiber rich nutrition bars.

Gourmet Food

Gourmet Food

Italian nutrient dense pastas perfect for an easy dinner.

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Our Café

Our Café

Are you in Miami?
Come taste our take on a organic café.

Drink Sea Moss

In collaboration w/ Michael B. Jordan, we have a beverage called MOSS

Curated For A Better LivingTailor your food choices to suit your specific needs.

Dr Smood is a European brand founded on ideas of nutrition and quality, built to be a safe harbor of ingredients you can trust. We long for our customers to learn from the past as we build upon modern innovation for convenient nutrition. From gourmet pantry staples — to on-the-go snacks our focus is to make health accessible and delicious.