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Gourmet Foods

The Gourmet Food collection is a range of Italian gluten-free wheat alternative pasta, ancient grain pasta, hand-made sauces, and single origin extra virgin olive oil. Through meticulous ingredient sourcing and no compromise on quality, we provide you with the tools to elevate the dining experience in your home.

A table set with two glasses of red wine, a bottle of wine, and two plates of pasta, one with pesto sauce and the other with tomato sauce
Why Gourmet Food?
We only use high-quality and unadulterated components. Using reputable Italian suppliers, we pride ourselves on attaining a European standard for organic.
Made In ItalyAll of our products are handmade and produced in Italy. This provides a higher standard of farming and an even more rigorous process of certification.
Curated by
Michelin Star Chef
Smood is a collective of professionals in the industry. Using our Michelin-star chefs, we gather input to adjust and develop our flavors.
Curated For A Better LivingTailor your food choices to suit your specific needs.

These gourmet foods elevate the home dining experiences to a Michelin star level

A person sitting in a chair, holding a bowl of pasta with pesto sauce in one hand and a remote control in the other, viewed from above