A package of Dr. Smood Smart Snack Peanut Butter Cup Nutrition Bar. The packaging is dark brown with illustrations of peanuts. Text on the package highlights the product’s nutritional benefits: “10g of Prebiotic Fiber, 7g of Plant Protein, 0g of Added Sugar.” The package also features the USDA Organic certification. The weight is listed as 1.23 oz (35g).
A box of Dr. Smood Smart Snack Peanut Butter Cup Nutrition Bars. The box is dark brown with illustrations of peanuts. Text on the box indicates it contains 12 nutrition bars. Additional information includes “10g of Prebiotic Fiber, 7g of Plant Protein, 0g of Added Sugar.” The weight of the box is listed as 14.82 oz (420g), with each bar weighing 1.23 oz (35g).
A close-up of a woman biting into a Dr. Smood Smart Snack Nutrition Bar. She has a bright smile with white teeth and wears light pink lipstick. Her fingernails are manicured with a light color, and she is holding the bar with her hand, showing enjoyment while eating the snack.
A woman working at a desk with an electric typewriter, holding several Dr. Smood Smart Snack Peanut Butter Cup Nutrition Bars in one hand. The desk is cluttered with various papers, an envelope, and a telephone. The woman is dressed in dark clothing, and her long, dark hair is visible from behind. She appears focused on her work, typing on the typewriter while examining the snack bars.
A woman lying on the floor, propped up on her elbows, while talking on a corded phone. She holds several Dr. Smood Smart Snack Peanut Butter Cup Nutrition Bars in her other hand, with one partially unwrapped. She is dressed in a black blazer and has long, dark hair with bangs. In the background, there is a crate with office supplies, and her legs are raised with white socks visible. She appears to be multitasking, enjoying a snack while on a call.

Smart Snack
Peanut Butter Cup

12 Pack

7 Reviews
Fiber Rich
Gluten Free
Low Calorie
Made In US
No Preservatives
Protein Rich
Smart Snack Peanut Butter Cup - 12 Pack$39.95

A fiber rich and gut healthy snack bar

Just Like The Snacks You Love, But SmarterNever has it been easier and more delicious to add fiber to your diet. The Smart Snacks give you a new take on your favorite indulgences by mixing beloved flavors with transformative health benefits. These small, pocket-sized bars are low in calories, made with a few recognizable organic ingredients, and are meant to improve your gut health, curb your cravings, and much more.
Prebiotic FiberOur prebiotic fiber blend resists digestion and ends up being fermented by your gut microbes, which in turn release short-chain fatty acids that have shown to provide incredible health benefits.
Gluten Free
No Artificial Ingredients
No Added Sugar

95% of Americans are deficient in fiber. The Smart Snack is the most delicious and convenient way to change that.

Improve Gut HealthPrebiotic fiber feeds the beneficial microbes in your gut.
Accelerate Weight LossPrebiotic fiber facilitates weight loss by reshaping the gut microbiota.
Aid DigestionPrebiotic fiber supports healthy bowel movements by assisting in the passing of food.
Improve Healthy MetabolismPrebiotic fiber restores intestinal balance, which affects beneficial metabolism.
The Smart Snack is here to elevate your future snacking endeavors.
When Do We SnackWhen hunger kicks in, many tend to make the wrong choices. Instead of jumping on unhealthy treats, choose a Smart Snack instead.
4.007 Reviews
Lucas P.
Great bars! Perfectly moist and chewy with the benefits of prebiotics.Highly recommend! Give it a try! Unlike most bars, this actually tastes real and un-processed. I love that it tastes like a healthy snack, unlike other dry and artificial bars out there! Thanks guys! Taste just like my home-made date / nut butter treats!
Ray M.
Good, but the packaging was oily.There are very good and conveniently packaged.
I'm a HUGE Fan!For a while I've been looking for prebiotic fiber bars with clean organic ingredients, low in calories and no added sugars. Smart Snacks are exactly that!! And don't get me started on the taste and texture. Super delicious and very moist. But most importantly, I've stopped the mindless snacking. These are the perfect replacements that keep you full for hours. Go try for yourself!
Johnny T.
My favorite on the go snackI love eating this while in the gym, commuting, or as a quick bite when I don't have time to make breakfast. Tastes great and the ingredients are very clean.