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A bag of Dr. Smood Italian White Corn Pasta. The packaging is primarily white with red accents. An illustration of a corn cob is prominently displayed on the front. Text on the bag indicates that the pasta is gluten-free fusilloni with no fat, sugar, or gums, made from one ingredient. The bag also features USDA Organic and non-GMO certifications. The weight is listed as 8oz (227g).
A plate of cooked fusilloni pasta topped with grated cheese and a tomato-based sauce. The plate is set on a white tablecloth with a fork, knife, and spoon placed to the left of the plate. In the background, there is a wine glass partially filled with red wine and a bottle of wine, suggesting a dining setting.
Several rows of corn cobs stored vertically in a metal grid, viewed from above. The corn cobs are uniformly arranged, showing the circular cross-sections of the kernels. The setting appears to be a rustic or agricultural storage area with wooden beams visible in the background.

White Corn Fusilloni

6 Pack

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Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Low Calorie
Made In Italy
White Corn Fusilloni - 6 Pack$29.95

A Gluten-Free Pearl
White Corn Fusilloni

Served By Michelin Starred Chefs
Served By Michelin Starred ChefsThe Pearl White Fusilloni is being served at many fine-dining restaurants across Italy, but none of the chefs disclose that the pasta is gluten-free. That's because it doesn't taste like one! When the pearl white corn, an ancient cereal, is turned into pasta, no one has to sacrifice taste.
Made With White Corn
Made With White CornThe pearl white corn, an ancient cereal, is naturally gluten-free, has low water requirements when grown, and has never been subject to genetic modifications. Pearl white corn is a very earth-friendly cereal supportive of biodiversity. It's rich in essential minerals, naturally holds an al dente texture when cooked, and has a mild nutty flavor.
Gluten Free
No Additives

The taste of this pasta is so close to regular wheat pasta that most restaurants don't even disclose that it's made from gluten-free white corn.

Easy To DigestNo gluten eases the stomach and makes it lighter and easier for your body to digest.
Increase Energy LevelsThe complex carbs in pasta have proven to support the energy levels in your body.
Made In Northern Italy"Pearl" White Corn is a rare and naturally gluten-free cereal cultivated in the Province of Verona, Italy.
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