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A bag of Dr. Smood Italian Sorghum Pasta. The packaging is primarily white with brown accents. An illustration of sorghum plants is prominently displayed on the front. Text on the bag indicates that the pasta is gluten-free maccheroni, a good source of protein and fiber, and made from one ingredient. The bag also features USDA Organic and non-GMO certifications. The weight is listed as 8oz (227g).
A person sitting casually, holding a bowl of maccheroni pasta with green pesto sauce in one hand and a remote control in the other. The person is dressed in light blue jeans and a white shirt. The setting is relaxed, likely in a living room, with the person focused on watching TV while enjoying their meal.
A close-up, black-and-white photograph of sorghum plants. The image shows detailed clusters of grain heads surrounded by long, slender leaves. The focus is on the textured grain heads, highlighting the intricate patterns and density of the sorghum grains.

Sorghum Maccheroni

6 Pack

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Fiber Rich
Gluten Free
Made In Italy
Protein Rich
Sorghum Maccheroni - 6 Pack$29.95

A Gluten-Free
Sorghum Maccheroni

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Fiber Rich Pasta
Here To Stay
A powerhouse of nutrition, sorghum offers incredible texture and flavor. Rich in flavor, this grain is unique for its high fiber and protein content.
Made With Sorghum
Made With SorghumSorghum is an ancient cereal grain native to West Africa, and now cultivated in Northern Italy. Sorghum is a good source of many essential minerals, rich in protein and fibers, and low in calories, sugar, and fat. The cereal grain offers a light nutty flavor with mild earthy notes when cooked.
Gluten Free
No Artificial Ingredients

This pasta is catering to ones who want more nutrition without sacrificing on flavor.

Improve Gut HealthFiber supports beneficial gut bacteria and maintains a healthy intestinal lining.
Easy To DigestNo gluten eases the stomach and makes it lighter and easier for your body to digest.
Aid Muscle GrowthProtein is the building block for muscles and helps boost your recovery.
Made In Northern ItalySorghum is a rare and naturally gluten-free cereal cultivated in the Province of Verona, Italy.
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