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Jar of Dr. Smood's Organic Marinara Italian Pasta Sauce
A plate of pasta with sauce and cheese.
A white bowl filled with steaming pasta in a red tomato sauce sits on a wooden table.  Next to the bowl is a slice of crusty white bread.
A white plate topped with spaghetti and tomato sauce. A fork is grabbing a bite from the plate with a spoon next to it.
A splash of tomato sauce on a white surface.

Marinara Sauce

3 Jars

5 Reviews
Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Made In Italy
Mineral Rich
Small Batch
Marinara Sauce - 3 Jars$32.85
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A Handcrafted Marinara from Italy

Handcrafted Mediterranean Flavors
Handcrafted Mediterranean FlavorsDr Smood's award-winning chef formulated a recipe with only the freshest and highest quality ingredients possible, with delicious, rich, and balanced flavors inspired by traditional Mediterranean ways.
San Marzano Tomato
San Marzano TomatoThis particular tomato is said to have originated from Peru but is now primarily cultivate in Naples, Italy. Its unique shapes makes it very recognizable, but more importantly, its flavor stands out. It has thick skin and a strong, sweet taste with low acidity.
No Added Sugar
No Preservatives
Packaged Sustainably

Adding this sauce to your meal will not only elevate the experience, but it will have your guests believe you have Italian heritage.

LongevityHelps fight free radicals in your body which are linked to aging.
Skin HealthHelps provide a level of skin protection against sun and aging.
Heart HealthHelp maintaining good blood pressure.
Made In ParmaThis pasta sauce, celebrated for its rich flavor and carefully sourced ingredients, is made and sourced from Parma, Italy, embodying the essence of its culinary traditions.
5.005 Reviews
Roland B.
It's awesome. I love dr smood pasta. I've currently made it my go to pasta brand.
The only sauce I need!Let me start off by saying I don't use canned sauces. They are usually not very good, contain tons of preservatives, and are filled with nasty additives and ingredients. This is by far the cleanest sauce in terms of ingredients I have ever used. But, to make matters even better, the taste is phenomenal. I have a picky toddler who doesn't normally eat spaghetti but she will if I make it with this sauce. Must recommend!
BEST SAUCE EVER!This is the best sauce I’ve ever used. I made dinner for my family and they were head over heels with the richness in flavor and how how versatile it is with different types of pastas. I already ordered another jar of this.
Perfect sauce!This is the only sauce we've ever bought that we have used right out of the jar. Every other sauce we always end up making flavor improvements but this one is perfect!