A jar of Dr. Smood Tomato Basil Italian Pasta Sauce. The jar has a gold lid and a label with the following text: “Dr. Smood - Tomato Basil. Italian Pasta Sauce. Handcrafted & Seasonal With A Rich Taste.” The label features an illustration of a tomato. The weight is listed as 11.6 oz (330g). The label also includes the USDA Organic certification.
A cast-iron skillet filled with cooked spaghetti topped with tomato basil sauce. A spoon is shown pouring additional tomato basil sauce over the pasta. The setting is a light, neutral-colored surface, highlighting the rich color and texture of the sauce and pasta.
A person serving spaghetti with tomato basil sauce from a cast-iron skillet. The person uses a fork and a spoon to lift a portion of the pasta. The setting includes a wooden board and the background shows part of a kitchen environment. The spaghetti is coated in rich red sauce, with bits of green herbs visible.
A minimalist presentation of spaghetti with tomato basil sauce on a white plate. The spaghetti is neatly twirled into a small mound and garnished with a single basil leaf on top. The plate is set on a light, textured surface with a few drops of sauce on the side, emphasizing the simplicity and elegance of the dish.
A smear of tomato basil sauce on a light, neutral-colored surface. The sauce has a rich, chunky texture with visible pieces of tomato and herbs, surrounded by splatters of sauce, highlighting its vibrant red color.

Tomato Basil Sauce

3 Jars

5 Reviews
Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Made In Italy
Mineral Rich
Small Batch
Tomato Basil Sauce - 3 Jars$32.85
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A Handcrafted
Tomato Basil From Italy

Handcrafted Mediterranean FlavorsDr Smood's award-winning chef formulated a recipe with only the freshest and highest quality ingredients possible, with delicious, rich, and balanced flavors inspired by traditional Mediterranean ways.
San Marzano TomatoThis particular tomato is said to have originated from Peru but is now primarily cultivate in Naples, Italy. Its unique shapes makes it very recognizable, but more importantly, its flavor stands out. It has thick skin and a strong, sweet taste with low acidity.
No Added Sugar
No Preservatives
Packaged Sustainably

There’s pasta sauce, and then there’s Dr Smood’s Tomato Basil Sauce. It makes every pasta meal feel like you’re dining on the Amalfi Coast.

LongevityHelps fight free radicals in your body which are linked to aging.
Skin HealthHelps provide a level of skin protection against sun and aging.
Heart HealthHelp maintaining good blood pressure.
Made In ParmaThis pasta sauce, celebrated for its rich flavor and carefully sourced ingredients, is made and sourced from Parma, Italy, embodying the essence of its culinary traditions.
4.805 Reviews
Michelle P.
loved the tomato basil sauceWe really loved the sauce. My only complaint was a the size of the Jara for the price.
Janeth H.
Amazing!!! Delicious!!!❤️
Best pasta sauce on the market in US. Period.Incredibly easy to use and so tasteful. Also, zero acidity or issues digesting it after consumption. Simply perfect.
Oliver S.
Most incredible sauceFinally I can eat pasta without guilt. This sauce is like no other! I made an incredible meal in no time and I felt fantastic afterwards. I can definitely recommend