A jar of Dr Smood Arrabbiata Italian Pasta Sauce with a gold lid and a label showing illustrations of chili peppers. The text on the label reads "Handcrafted & Seasonal With A Spicy Kick" and includes a USDA Organic certification
A fork holding a bite of pasta with tomato sauce, against a blurred background.
A fork holding a bite of pasta with tomato sauce, with a plate of pasta in the background.
A spoonful of tomato sauce held above a plate of pasta, viewed from above.
A splatter of tomato sauce on a light surface.

Arrabbiata Sauce

3 Jars

2 Reviews
Arrabbiata Sauce - 3 Jars$32.85
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A Handcrafted
Arrabbiata From Italy

Handcrafted Mediterranean FlavorsDr Smood's award-winning chef formulated a recipe with only the freshest and highest quality ingredients possible, with delicious, rich, and balanced flavors inspired by traditional Mediterranean ways.
San Marzano TomatoThis particular tomato is said to have originated from Peru but is now primarily cultivate in Naples, Italy. Its unique shapes makes it very recognizable, but more importantly, its flavor stands out. It has thick skin and a strong, sweet taste with low acidity.sweet taste with a low acidity.
No Added Sugar
No Preservatives
Packaged Sustainably

A sauce that hits the sweet, salty, and spicy notes is a sauce with stocking up on.

LongevityHelps fight free radicals in your body which are linked to aging.
Skin HealthHelps provide a level of skin protection against sun and aging.
Heart HealthHelp maintaining good blood pressure.
Made In ParmaThis pasta sauce, celebrated for its rich flavor and carefully sourced ingredients, is made and sourced from Parma, Italy, embodying the essence of its culinary traditions.
5.002 Reviews
YOU NEED TO BUY THISOmggggg! This is probably one of the best sauces I have ever tried and I’m a huggeee pasta lover. The perfect amount of spicy and sweet. Helped me get so many compliments at my dinner party 😂 my friends keep wanting to know what my secret is, little do they know all I had to do was mix my arrabbiata sauce with my pasta and serve ❤️😏 your gonna need this