A jar of Dr. Smood Sundried Tomato Pesto Sauce. The jar has a gold lid and a label with the following text: “Dr. Smood - Smart Food for a Good Mood. Sundried Tomato. Plant-Based, Seasonally-Sourced, Unique & Rich Taste. 100% Organic Pesto Sauce. Formulated by Award-Winning Italian Chef & Nutrition Experts.” The weight is listed as 7.1 oz (200g). The label also includes the USDA Organic certification.
Three pieces of bread topped with sundried tomato pesto sauce on a dark plate. Each piece of bread is garnished with a small basil leaf. A butter knife with some of the pesto sauce on it is placed on the plate. The setting is on a light, textured surface, emphasizing the vibrant color and rich texture of the pesto on the bread.
A bowl of penne pasta coated with sundried tomato pesto sauce. A fork is placed inside the bowl, showing a close-up view of the pasta. The setting is on a light, neutral-colored surface, highlighting the rich red color and texture of the pesto sauce on the pasta.
A fork holding a small serving of penne pasta coated with sundried tomato pesto sauce. Below, a bowl filled with more pasta is visible. The background is softly blurred, with a glass of water and a light, neutral-colored surface, emphasizing the rich color and texture of the sauce on the pasta.
A smear of sundried tomato pesto sauce on a light, neutral-colored surface. The sauce has a rich, chunky texture with visible pieces of tomato and nuts, showcasing its vibrant red color.

Sun-dried Tomato Pesto

3 Jars

4 Reviews
Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Made In Italy
Mineral Rich
Small Batch
Sun-dried Tomato Pesto - 3 Jars$37.35
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A Handcrafted
Pesto From Italy

Made By The Hands Of Italian Culinary ArtisansWe use three different types of tomatoes and two varieties of nuts to perfect the well-rounded, creamy yet crunchy texture. With this pesto, you are just a few minutes from becoming a master chef at home.
San Marzano TomatoThis particular tomato is said to have originated from Peru but is now primarily cultivate in Naples, Italy. Its unique shapes makes it very recognizable, but more importantly, its flavor stands out. It has thick skin and a strong, sweet taste with low acidity.
No Added Sugar
No Preservatives
Packaged Sustainably

The rich taste of Mediterranean pesto is one everyone craves - and this one takes it to new heights.

LongevityHelps fight free radicals in your body which are linked to aging.
Skin HealthHelps provide a level of skin protection against sun and aging.
Heart HealthHelp maintaining good blood pressure.
Made In ParmaThis sun-dried tomato pesto, crafted in Parma with locally sourced ingredients, offers a unique blend of tomatoes and nuts for a perfect texture, elevating home cooking.
4.754 Reviews
Elizabeth J.
Love the Sun Dried Tomato Pasta!It’s delicious!
Kathy B.
Good pestoLiked it overall, but it could use some more spices to make it more interesting, but of course each person can spice it to their own taste.
Lynne S.
Delicious!The tomato pesto is delicious! I put it on garbanzo beans and had with rice for dinner. It will bring any dish to another level without much cooking needed! Delicious!
Oliver S.
Taste of Italy Incredible flavor and texture. It truly reminds me of dining at an authentic Tuscan restaurant. I can definitely recommend.