A box of Dr. Smood Vanilla Cinnamon Smart Meal powder packets. The box is black with white and yellow text. The text includes the Dr. Smood logo, the product name "Smart Meal," the flavor "Vanilla Cinnamon," nutritional information about the product including superfoods, that it is certified organic and plant-based, and the USDA organic certification logo.
A person relaxing outdoors laying down grass while being handed a bottle with a Smart Meal drink. Next to the person is a box of Smart Meal sachets.
Vanilla cinnamon flavored smoothie in a glass on a table beside a Dr Smood Smart Meal Vanilla Cinnamon box. Box describes product as organic, plant-based protein drink with vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes.
Dr Smood Smart Meal packaging over a Smart Meal shake and Smart Meal mixing powder.
Pile of Smart Meal powder on a white surface.

Smart Meal

14 Pack

10 Reviews
Dairy Free
Fiber Rich
Gluten Free
Low Calorie
Mineral Rich
Smart Meal - 14 Pack$95.50

A comprehensive daily nutrition shake

The Most Important
Meal Of the Day
This is not just another greens powder or supplement. It was created to provide a comprehensive amount of essential nutrition needed daily to optimally function. The Smart Meal covers all essential nutritional layers and everything is sourced from organic and plant-based sources so you can absorb and utilize everything in your body.
Pre & Pro BioticsPrebiotic fibers from multiple plant sources to aid digestion, curb cravings and improve your gut health.
Gluten Free
No Artificial Ingredients
No Added Sugar

Good health and well-being starts with a Smart Meal. It’s a comprehensive meal shake that solves your essential nutritional needs.

Protein BlendA complete plant protein profile covers all essential BCAAs to properly build and sustain muscle. This blend will support your performance and recovery.
Vitamins & MineralsFood-bound vitamins and minerals are the only sources your body can fully absorb and utilize. We never use synthetically derived ingredients to ensure your body gets what it needs.
Prebiotic BlendPrebiotic fibers from multiple plant sources to aid digestion, curb cravings, and improve your gut health.
ProbioticsWe chose a unique probiotic strain that keeps the gut in balance and supports digestion, immunity, performance, and recovery. It also feeds healthy bacteria, increasing protein uptake in your body.
Optimal Nutrition Minimal Effort
Here’s How It WorksAdd the full serving of the powder to your preferred beverage - we recommend water, milk or smoothie. Shake, stir or mix the powder until fully dissolved and enjoy!
4.5010 Reviews
GrittyThere is something gritty like sand in the last couple of shallows in the glass. A bit unpleasant. I won't be buying more, though the taste and ingredients are fine.
Suzanne A.
Smart MealI e only had it in water. Don’t like the taste.
Patricia T.
Good as grandma made Fantastic
Coral D.
Just needs collagen Good. Would love it if you added collagen to it! Still has sort of chalky texture like other plant proteins, but taste is good.