Detox No. 4

A no-holds-barred wonder drink made with veggies, roots, fruits, and Ashwaganda – an Indian equivalent to ginseng known for its adaptogenic properties and boosting vitality.


Orange : Free radical fighting antioxidants

Lemon : High levels of vitamin C

Beets : Stamina boosting magnesium and iron

Spinach : Protein, folate, vitamin K, vitamin A, manganese & magnesium

Celery : Live enzymes, vitamin K, flavonoids & folate

Carrot : Live enzymes, beta-carotene & antioxidants

Ginger : Live enzymes, anti-inflammatory properties & antioxidants

Ashwaganda – also known as Indian ginseng – Muscle fortifying and libido boosting properties.

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  • Dr Smood
  • 2230 NW 2nd Ave
  • Miami FL 33127