Quality protein offers complex roles in regulation of body composition, bone health, gastrointestinal function, bacterial flora and much more. All of which ensures optimal health. Bioavailability and digestibility of quality protein provide metabolically available nitrogen and amino acid to tissues and organs. DrS’s philosophy is to provide the highest quality of protein available, to ensure best radiant health.

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Keeping your insides beautiful through a diet rich in antioxidants, polyphenols and phytochemical, can protect against oxidative stress and result in radiant skin, hair and even better eyes sight. DrS’ philosophy is to prepare foods that will keep these valuable substances in food bio-available to the body to insure maximum absorption.

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A strong immune system aids in keeping organs, tissue and cells healthy within your body. Boosting the immune system increases the likelihood of white blood cells fighting off infections and diseases. In addition to sleep and physical activity, vitamins from fruit and vegetables are crucial in boosting and maintaining a healthy immune system. For super immunity DrS’ philosophy is to infuse the body with medicinal foods.

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The organs within your body like the liver and kidneys are naturally working to extract unwanted toxins, which you are exposed to on a daily basis. For these organs to function most effectively in neutralizing toxins it is highly advisable to increase the intake of high quality food sources containing enzymes, vitamins and minerals. DrS’ philosophy is to maintain the highest possible level of enzyme content in our food, juices and smoothies.

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Providing fuel for the body and brain is important, as your cells require a constant supply of energy in order to work and function. A balanced diet including carbohydrates, protein and fat from healthy food sources such as fruits, vegetables and seeds can ensure a stable energy level throughout the day. To ensure abundant and constant energy throughout the day, DrS’ philosophy is to infuse the body with Super foods.

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Health cannot only be regarded as an absence of diseases but also a sense of physical and mental well-being. Including and enjoying healthy foods and beverages with high levels of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber can aid in sustaining a healthy lifestyle. To achieve and maintain optimal health DrS’ philosophy is to choose high quality foods, to be consumed in small quantities.

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