Sunset Harbour

Dr Smood Sunset Harbour is located on South Beach left of the crossroad where Alton Road meets Dade Boulevard. Sunset Harbour is one of the coolest hotspots to be in Miami in terms of shopping, eating and hanging out. The waterfront neighborhood has everything to offer night and day within walking distance. If it’s a walk by the sea, a stroll by the boats, a quick gym fix, shopping or a bite to eat, Sunset Harbour would definitely be the place for you.

This location has high ceilings, European interior and an outdoor space to enjoy the healthiest snacks in Miami.


At this location we have:

On-site Lavatories, Wheelchair Accessible, Pet-friendly, Open Wi-Fi, Additional Outlets and lots parking available.


Products served:

– Cold pressed juices

– Salads

– Sandwiches

– Coffee

– Shakes

– Pastries etc.

Dr Smood – Sunset Harbour

1800 Bay Road

Miami Beach, FL 33139

Opening Hours:

Monday- Saturday: 7am to 7pm

Sunday: 8am to 7pm


  • Dr Smood
  • 2230 NW 2nd Ave
  • Miami FL 33127