Behind Dr Smood


Dr Smood Founders

Dr Smood was founded by the Danish business developer and strategic visionary, René Sindlev and his wife, the Italian architect, model and actress, Patrizia Manici Sindlev. 

They met in December 2012 – and René soon invited Patrizia to visit his home country.

She was not impressed with her first meeting with Danish healthy fast food chains: All so-called fresh juices and salads lacked any real nutrition, minerals or basic vitamins.

This could be done much healthier, much more tasty and much better”, she said.

Tell me what you want, and lets do it even better –“, Rene replied.

A smart food revolution had begun.

With Patrizia’s interest in healthy living, good tasting food, beauty and aesthetics and with René’s  experience as a successful business developer in the jewelry industry and co-founder of the worlds biggest jewelry-company, Pandora, they decided to create Dr Smood – the first smart food boutique café specializing in health beneficial organic food and beverage.

Right from the start, their vision has been to make Dr Smood one hundred percent organic, to inform customers about both the nutrients in their products but also to explain how the specific foods and juices can influence your health and your mood.

Not only are Dr Smood’s products tasty – they are life-prolonging, curative and energizing.

In Dr Smoods terms it is called performance food with benefits.

The vision is to give you a healthy fast food choice – for when you are in a hurry, or when you just need to do something good for yourself.

René  and Patrizia have travelled all over the world to find the best ingredients with the highest quality. They have gathered some of the most experienced health experts to develop the healthiest, tastiest, most satisfying and vitalizing smart food. The result is food and beverage that inspire your senses and benefit your body, mind and your general well being.

Welcome to Dr Smood – smart food for a good mood.

Rene Sindlev & Patrizia Manici Sindlev

  • Dr Smood
  • 2230 NW 2nd Ave
  • Miami FL 33127