About Detox Programs

Why should I cleanse?

Cleansing is good for your body, mind and spirit for many reasons. First, it gives your digestive system a chance to rest and recharge. Our air, water, food and cosmetics can contain substances that are harmful. Replacing regular meals with cold-pressed juices and whole foods floods your body with healthful vitamins and nutrients, allowing it to release toxins. Our expert Dr. Etti (Ph.D) explains – “By giving our bodies and organs a welcome rest and time to replenish themselves our skin, the largest organ in the body, becomes radiant, our complexion smoother. We regain that glow we had as children. We begin the Youthing Process– Your body will actually digest toxins and shed them through your waste. Its a physiological process called autolysis; you lose the weight of waste. It is a purging process of junk and gunk accumulated over many years of eating unhealthy foods”.

“A fountain of Juice = the fountain of Youth”
Dr. Etti

Story behind Detox

We live in an increasingly toxic world and we’re exposed to countless chemicals, carcinogens, and contaminants every day. The immune system can only handle so much before it begins to weaken and break down, leaving us susceptible to all sorts illnesses, chronic conditions, and degenerative diseases.

These days, good foods, nutritional supplementation, exercise, and sleep are all part of a healthy lifestyle. To optimize and boost health even further we must also cleanse ourselves on a regular basis in order to remain healthy, vibrant and resilient.

When we eat, the majority of our body’s energy goes towards digesting that food and when we go on a cleanse we are giving our bodies a break. If you are trying to lose weight or get your diet off to the right start then a cleanse is a wonderful way to break away from unhealthy eating habits and give your body a clean slate to work from.

Juices furnish the body with live enzymes and bioactive vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals that are heavily reduced when a food is cooked. The juices bring an alkaline force into the body that helps neutralize the toxic acidity that we have as a result of our modern diets.

Daily, weekly and monthly cleansing practices have been around for thousands of years, and are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. It can be a daunting task to identify what program is right for you, and prepare all the different type of juices. DrS has created several programs to match perfectly our cleansers’ different life style demands. All you need to do is choose the program that is right for you and start revitalizing yourself today!

DrS cleansing programs allow you to juice your-self back to health and healthy life-style.

We recommend that you do our detox program 4 times throughout the year according to the seasons (Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter)


Pre- & Post Cleanse

DrS pre-cleanse
Breakfast DrS Raw Pancakes DrS Fruit Salad
Beverage DrS Cacao Mylk
Lunch DrS Quinoa Salad DrS Smoody
Snack DrS Super Power Snack No. 1 DrS Green Juice No. 1
Dinner DrS Kale Works Salad DrS Green Juice No. 1
Dessert (optional) DrS Lemon Berry muffin bliss
Recommendations – Eat dinner no later than 7:00pm. Eat slowly with intention and chew your food until its masticated.
DrS post-cleanse
 Breakfast DrS Raw Green Bun DrS Fruit Salad
 Beverage DrS Cacao Mylk
Lunch DrS Vegan Sandwich DrS Mediterranean Salad
Snack DrS Carrot Crumble
Beverage DrS H2O No. 3
Dinner DrS Kale Works Salad DrS Green Juice No. 1
Dessert (optional) DrS Lemon Berry muffin bliss
Recommendations – Eat dinner no later than 7:00pm. Eat slowly with intention and chew your food until its masticated.

Q & A


A cleanse can be anything healthy that you are incorporating into your diet that helps your body cleanse itself.

DrS created a 3/5 or 7 day cleanse. 3 days is the minimum days your body requires to go through the autolysis (self-digestion) process.

DrS offers various cleansing programs that offer you a break from your usual routine, which may result in an organic shift towards eating more organic fruits and vegetables and enjoying a healthier life style. It is a holistic program that involves setting wellness goals with specific pre and post-cleanse plans. The before and after is just as important as the cleanse itself.



DrS cleanse programs include

1) Pure, organic ingredients—always, no substitutions.

2) A hydraulic juice press—an extraordinary juicer that retains the most nutrients possible.

3) Constant refrigeration— our juice is made in a chilled environment and maintained cold until you are ready to enjoy it. This keeps nutrient retention at a maximum.

4) We focus on detoxing AND restoration. With fruit and vegetable juices high in potassium, antioxidants, and chlorophyll, we help you remove acidity from the blood and tissues and restore alkalinity and balance to your whole system.

5) We offer you pre/post cleanse advice and menu online.


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