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Yes, You can have our bread… and eat it, too!

Bread is one of the oldest recipes known to man. It has been around for millennia. Where would civilization be without it? If you are like me, you probably want to enjoy the occasional sandwich without subjecting yourself to questionable ingredients. However, the recent low-carbohydrate craze has given bread a bad reputation. But, not all bread is created equal!

At Dr Smood we eat bread without a second thought because our recipe is one of a kind! DrS Power Sandwiches are formulated to build a healthy body. We serve all of our sandwiches on our signature Performance Bread made with only certified organic ingredients that contain no pesticides and no GMOs, and no added sugars. Through years of research, we learned which grains are potentially harmful and which make a nutritious addition to a healthy lifestyle. We make our DrS Performance Bread with certified organic millet flakes and certified organic spelt flour specially chosen for their nutritional properties. These “ancient” grains have remained virtually unchanged for centuries allowing them to retain significant amounts protein, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Our bread is formulated to meet the unique needs of our health-conscious customers. Since spelt is not overly crossbred, the body still recognizes it as food and can quickly absorb its nutrients. The gluten present in spelt is water soluble and breaks down during baking allowing for the thin, crispy yet chewy texture our bread. Millet, a naturally gluten-free seed, aids in the creation and restoration of body especially soft tissue like the heart. Both grains are most beneficial for those who suffer from digestive issues due to inflammation like arthritis, migraines, and irritable bowel syndrome to name a few. The stabilizing attributes of our bread will allow you to enjoy a constant increase in energy levels without spikes and drops in blood sugar often associated with weight gain, diabetes, and chronic inflammation.

So, go ahead, have a Dr Smood thin-crust Power Sandwich! You will feel fulfilled but not full. My favorite DrS Thin-Crust Power Sandwich? The Vegan Sandwich (hummus, spinach and avocado) topped with a Wild Alaskan Salmon Add-on: a perfect combination of healthy proteins and essential fatty acids. Come by and try our Power Sandwiches and choose your favorite!

Dr. Etti
Holistic nutrition expert

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