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Trust Your Gut

Balancing your microbiome to improve your health

The more I learn about the important role of our microbiome, the diverse types of microbes living in our abdomen, the more I am convinced that there is a direct correlation between inflammatory diseases and the health of our gut.
We each have a very delicate balance of microbes in your gut which can be disturbed very easily by excessive consumption of sugar, causing and overgrowth of harmful bacteria.

When our microbiome is disturbed, our level of inflammation increases. Therefore, compromised gut health can adversely affect both our physical and emotional health. In fact, “leaky gut syndrome” may lead to a “leaky brain syndrome.”

New research, published in the journal Nature affirms a direct connection between a rare brain disorder and a type of gut bacteria since they can seep through the stomach lining and cross the brain-blood barrier.

So what is the solution?
Eat gut-friendly foods, naturally. I find eating a mostly plant-base diet (low acid) works, with lots of probiotic and prebiotic food like yoghurt and figs. These foods help to starve bad bacteria and feed good bacteria.

Also look for food low on the glycemic index like our DrS Phase One Smoody which is naturally low in sugar and adds bacteria-friendly food like spirulina, a powerful anti- microbial food.

Are you getting the gut feeling that you should start today?
In the text box below you will find a sample of some DrS products that can try to help you get your tummy back on track!

Dr. Etti
Holistic Nutrition Expert


Live Juice No. 1
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