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Dying to return to your authentic self?

“We are changing the way Americans look at their health; changing the way we eat and impacting millions of people — we’re using food to create change.”

Dr Smood’s Nutrition veteran, Dr. Etti Ben-Zion and world renowned nutritionist David Wolfe, recently took a trip over the colorful hills of Peru, to help us better understand the uniqueness of what Dr Smood brings to your table.

Nourishing yourself can take many forms — you can exercise, meditate or read a great book, but the most basic (and most important) thing you can probably do, is eat. Dr Smood was developed so that amidst your busy schedule you can nourish your body with well-balanced and delicious meals, that provide you with all the essential micronutrients that you need. Changing the way Americans look at their health; changing the way we eat and impacting millions of people— we’re using food to create change.

When we overload our bodies with the wrong types of foods, as most of us regularly do, we inevitably see the crummy side-effects in the following weeks, months and often, even days later. As a result of all that bad crap (refined, sugary food) that we put in, our metabolism slows down; we gain weight; we develop high blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and all sorts of other icky diseases. Sugar might be tasty now; but you are going to feel moody and tired soon after. This is not new knowledge. You need to take care of the basics — the basics being micronutrients with preservatives, coloring, pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers do not correlate with this. Because your body cannot break down these toxins, it stores it. And then what happens? — You get an enlarged liver; you get a congested colon; you get hormonal imbalances; you get sick.

When speaking about food, more is not better. Our food is infused, and made with love — a lot of research, thought and passion is put into it.

The company works almost exclusively with sources of non-genetically modified products— and Peru is one of it’s greatest source of highly prized superfoods such as the cacao, avocado and quinoa, among others, all of which have been cultivated in the country for thousands of years.

“In America, the corn, soy, and potatoes are mostly GMO; but in Peru you can see how sustainable their farming systems are. It’s very hilly and mountainous, and they still utilize ancient Incan techniques in how they store their water. They are flourishing.

Countries such as Peru, have invested greatly in the preservation of their authentic produce. In 2012, the country passed a 10-year bill banning the production of genetically engineered crops from being grown in the country.

The foods we eat impacts our health and how we function—but how do we do cope amidst the hustle bustle of an urban lifestyle? Let’s be honest, we are not these lucky beings that have the opportunity to grow up on a beautiful mountain oasis and drink fresh, clean water from an authentic source; we are people, living in cities, eating whatever is available to us in stores, and getting the toxins that come with it.

At Dr Smood we have the information, the guidance, and the product to help you return to the source—that is, to a more authentic product. We offers urbanites, such as you and I, the opportunity to embrace wellness, whole- someness, and a balanced lifestyle through authentic, non-toxic and non-contaminated products. We are creating the food of the future; and wants you to return to your authentic self through the food of the future.

It all begins with what you eat, and caring about the type of food that goes into your body. If you make your food an act of self-love, and consciously re-program your body with nutrient-rich, delicious foods, then your life will change for the better.

The right nutrient food & diet can add not just years to your life, but also a much better life to your years.

Rene Sindlev
Founder of Dr Smood

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