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Love At First Bite

You know it at first bite. You know it because you can not have enough of it. It has just the right consistency, and it’s sweet but no too sweet. It’s just perfect. It’s a perfect breakfast snack or healthy dessert. What is it? It’s our Matcha & Maca Chia Pudding.

It’s love at first bite

To be a star you need to have all components in the appropriate ratios. You know it when you hear it, see it or taste it. Well, this is one of those special moments. You reach for it, open the lid, you take a bite and your mouth is in heaven. The texture is smooth, and the flavor is just right that you’ll reach for more… and more. It is truly addictive.

There is no room for guilt in heaven

Matcha, Chia, Maca – you deserve it all! Matcha for its powerful antioxidants, immune and stamina boosting properties. Chia for its bio-available protein punch and Maca for its adaptogenic qualities that may balance your hormones and stimulate libido. Roll out the red carpet or better yet roll out your tongue…

Dr. Etti
Holistic Nutrition Expert

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